Approximation of a function describing a quality criterion of the thermo-mechanical fusible interfacing process


  • Snezhina Andonova
  • Silvia Baeva



approximation, thermo-mechanical, fusible interfacing process, quality


The present work aims to investigate the function describing the relationship between a quality criterion and input factors of the thermo-mechanical fusible /TMF/ interfacing process and to derive its effective approximation. An approximation by interpolation was applied for the purpose of the study.

A numerical realization of a linear and exponential approximation of the mathematical model describing the TMF interfacing process was performed. An effective linear approximation of the function connecting the quality criterion with the input factors of the TMF interfacing process was found. This creates conditions for replacing the relatively complex function (describing the TMF interfacing process) with its linear approximation. The linear approximation gives the possibility easier and faster to determine the relationships between the input factors and the quality criterion. This created conditions for ignoring the subjective factor and for optimizing and automating the studied technological process.

Movement of the value of the objective function





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