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No. 2 (2021): array. the journal of the ICMA - Special Issue ICMC2021
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Published: 2022-09-20

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Welcome to Array, the journal of the International Computer Music Association ICMA (

Having started out in 1980, Array has evolved as an open access journal, contributing to topics within the broad field of computer music. Recent foci have included specific areas in composition and performance, its relationship to digital technologies, AI, and history of computer music, including research articles, interviews, and reviews.



Call for Array2023 – Flux: Computer Music in the Anthropocene


In the current era which we call the Anthropocene, humans are the dominant force shaping the geology, ecosystems, and biodiversity of earth. At the same time, everyone on earth is affected by what the science community describes as the greatest ecological transformation in human history. As effects, we discuss amongst others climate change, challenges in allocating natural resources, and environmental effects.  

In this light, Array2023 seeks for contributions addressing these aspects within the full breadth and diversity within computer music. We invite research and artistic contributions highlighting perspectives that range from research on sound and music works dealing with the outlined aspects, analytical approaches to sound, and science-based musical collaborations to intuitive creative practices engaging with the natural world. We encourage the submission of musical proposals giving treatment to the duality of climate change and art, as well as topics such as machine learning, remote sensing, sonification, field recording, sound art, advocacy, and education.

In addressing the various approaches and practices concerning this topic, we are happy to also include different formats and forms, including various text forms as well as audio and audiovisual media content.

Submission: We call for submitting ready works (not abstracts):

Texts: length approx. 6,000 – 11,000 characters (plus up to 4 images)
Media: please upload a description of the work (3,000 – 10,000 characters) and a link to the media file(s). The work can have a duration up to 10 minutes. Please do not upload the media files on the submission platform!

Deadline: 15.07.2023

For submitting, please register and upload your full text or work description and the corresponding link to the media file on our journal’s platform:

For further questions, you can contact us at

All proposals will be carefully reviewed by the editors and an additional board of reviewers.

Scott Deal (Array Guest Editor) and Miriam Akkermann (Array Editor)