About the Journal

ISSN 2701-939X

Article types

The journal publishes communications in two types/parts:

A) peer reviewed journal articles (research papers, review of state-of-the art papers)
B) not reviewed communications in form of conference papers, abstracts, reports, reviews, discussions and data sets


The publication language for peer reviews articles is English.

The not reviewed communications can be accepted in German language, too

Topic of interests

Topic of interests are not published research results and materials related to: product development, including material parameters identification, 2D and 3D pattern design and optimisation and body shape fitting, 3D scanning; cutting, assembling technologies – sewing, welding, gluing, thermoforming, folding, packing, logistics, recycling.

Review process for the review articles.

Each submission is reviewed from at least four persons – the Editor-in-Chief, Area or Guest Editor and two independent reviewers.

The review process is open and completely transparent for author and reviewers – the reviewers can see the authors of the material and the author receives the complete feedback of the reviewers.

Discussions on previous published results are welcome and will be published without review in form of short communication with doi, too.

The length of the reviewed papers is not limited, but only well structured materials will be considered for publication.

Publication form

The journal is pure online journal, without print issues.

Formally, the all published manuscripts will be structured in one issue per year.


The language of the peer reviewed material is only English.

The non-reviewed communications are preferably in English, but can be published in German or other languages, too, if the editorial team is able to check the formal level and the quality of the material on this language. In this case  short abstract in English language has to be provided.