About the Journal

Music & Minorities (M&M) is dedicated to the scholarly exploration of the multi-dimensional field introduced by the concepts of "music" and "minorities". M&M is a peer-reviewed English-language, online-only, fee-free, “diamond” open access journal. It is edited by the Music and Minorities Research Center (MMRC) at mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and published by mdwPress.

The journal is inclusive of music, dance, and other sound-based social phenomena. The term "minority" refers to communities, groups, and/or individuals that are at risk of discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, race, religion, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political opinion, displacement, social or economic deprivation, and their intersections.

Contributions to M&M may address all aspects of music and/or dance in the context of minorities. This may encompass aspects like forms of music and/or dance of certain minorities, societal discourses thereon, relationships between hegemonic and marginalized groups, depictions of minorities and/or their musical expressions in other contexts, or the meanings and values that are attributed to musical and other performing practices.

M&M encourages a diversity of approaches and methods, such as ethnography, theoretical reflection, historiography, or other forms of cultural criticism and social analysis. M&M is a forum for both foundational and engaged/applied research. The journal also welcomes interdisciplinary approaches.