Author guidelines

Manuscripts should be prepare strictly respecting recommendations provided below and in the templatePlease format the text only by using the available styles (they are all numbered from 01 to 13 and labelled with the prefix ‘[JVE]’). Custom formatting such as changing font style or size is not permitted. The regular text must be formatted using the ‘Normal’ style, for all other styles see Table 1 in the template file. When copy-pasting text from other documents, make sure to paste the ‘unformatted text’. Do not edit the header and footer of the document, neither its margins. Also please do not remove the line numbering as this is needed for the review. Make sure you insert an empty line between paragraphs.

Click here to download the manuscript template!

Prepare manuscript sections

Manuscript title

The title of the manuscript must be concise, reflecting the content of the paper. The title is to be provided in English (formatting style: ‘02_[JVE]_Title_EN’) and in Vietnamese language (style: ‘03_[JVE]_Title_VN’).


Include here the authors who contributed to the writing of this manuscript and mark their affiliations with superscript numbers. The manuscript should only include those authors who: i) made substantial contributions to the conception, design, execution or interpretation of the reported study; ii) contributed to drafting and critically revising the manuscript. These persons should be listed as co-authors in the order of the importance of their contribution and should collectively take responsibility for the work submitted. All other persons who do not meet these criteria should not be listed as co-authors; instead, they should be mentioned in the Acknowledgment section. Mark the corresponding author with a star (*) and include the email address in the footer of the first page. For all authors: use surname first, followed by mid and first name. Write all surnames in capital letters. The formatting style for authors is: ‘04_[JVE]_Authors’.


After the list of authors add the list of affiliations. Include the name of the department, institution, full postal address with street name, number. All affiliations must be written in line and separated by semicolon. The formatting style for this section is: ‘05_[JVE]_Affiliation’.


The abstract must be concise and should briefly state the state of the art, objectives of the work, methodology used, main results and major conclusions. Avoid referring to other articles and do not use abbreviations, acronyms and formulas. The maximum length of the abstract is 300 words for each language. Provide the abstract in English (formatting style: ‘06_[JVE]_Abstract_EN’) and in Vietnamese language (style: ‘07_[JVE]_Abstract_VN’). Make sure the translation of English and Vietnamese versions is accurate.


Provide a maximum of five keywords right after the abstract. The keywords must be separated by semicolon. Select only relevant keywords, they will be used for indexing the article’s content. Formatting style is: ‘08_[JVE]_Keywords’.

Main text body

Divide your article into clearly defined sections and number them with 1, 1.1, then 1.1.1, 1.1.2 etc.). Do not include the abstract in the numbering. When cross-referring to subdivisions use also the numbering, not only the section name (i.e. Section 2. 'Materials and methods'). Use only three levels (heading 1, heading 2 and heading 3), in case you need more simply insert the name of the section in ‘Normal’ style (without numbering). Use the recommended formatting styles (see Table 1 in the template file)! Do not use automatic numbering for the headings. Instead, type the numbers manually and make sure they are in the right order.


Add here all sources of funding (including name of funding body and grant number) and people who contributed to the study and are not included on the list of authors.

Formatting graphic elements and tables


Embed your figures in the text in the place where they should appear and caption them using Figure 1, Figure 2 etc. (manual numbering, not automatic). The figure but be referred to in the text. Do not insert the figure right after the heading. Use only clearly visible graphics and images (try to avoid scanned artwork) and make sure the text is visible when the figure is reduced to half A4 page (the final paper will be formatted on two columns). Alternatively, wide images can be published on one column. Please provide editable graphics when possible and be ready to submit the original Excel files if instructed to do so. Grey-scaled as well as colour graphics are accepted but for coloured graphics make sure the colours can be well distinguished when printed on greyscale mode. The formatting style for figure captions is ‘12_[JVE]_Caption’.

For all graphic content, make sure that you own all the rights of the respective image! In the case that you decide to use the artwork of someone else, you need to provide an additional acknowledgement of the respective author or the publisher (please contact the Journal Editor for more details).


Tables are to be included in the text by inserting a new table from the MS Word menu. A pre-formatted table will be generated – please do not edit the table by adding borders, etc. Number tables consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text. A reference to the table must be made in the preceding text. All tables must be editable, do not include images of tables. Place footnotes to tables below the table body and indicate them with superscript lowercase letters. Ensure that the data presented in tables do not duplicate results described elsewhere in the article. The formatting style for table captions is ‘12_[JVE]_Caption’.


Please use the Microsoft Equation Editor incorporated in your Microsoft Word program. Equations should be editable during the editorial process and not appear as pictures. Please number the equations with (eq. 1), (eq. 2) etc. on the same line with the equation.


Add references using the citation style of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition. Formatting should be using the style ‘13_[JVE]_References’. For more information on how to cite using APA citation style see Some examples of different types of references:

Journal articles:
[1] Nguyen, T.P., Nguyen, T.N.Q. 2018. Composting of cow manure and rice straw with cow urine and its influence on compost quality. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9(2): 61–66. 

Conference proceedings:
[2] Stefan, C., Fatkhutdinov, A., Ringleb, J., Sallwey, J., Fichtner, T. 2016. Integrated web-based framework for planning and assessment of managed aquifer recharge applications. In: Proceedings of 9th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR9). 20-24 June 2016, Mexico City, Mexico.

[3] Galloway, D.L. 2003. Evolving issues and practices in managing ground-water resources: case studies on the role of science. Reston, Va.: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey. Retrieved from

[4] Cooper, J.D. 2016. Soil Water Measurement: A Practical Handbook. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 978-1-119-10603-6.

Book chapter:
[5] Griffin, D.M. 1981. Water and Microbial Stress. In: M. Alexander (Ed.), Advances in Microbial Ecology (pp. 91–136). Springer US.

[6] Dillon, P., Molloy, R. 2006. Technical Guidance for ASR. Retrieved March 20, 2015, from

[7] Fatkhutdinov, A. 2013. Investigation of the effect of urbanization on natural groundwater recharge within the city of Hanoi, Vietnam (Master thesis). Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany.

Other recommendations


The main language for all Journal articles is English. However, the title and the abstract are to be translated also in Vietnamese language (the authors are responsible for the translation, which must be accurate). The abstract text in Vietnamese shall be placed below the text in English. Important: please make sure there are no misspellings or grammatical errors. For best results, let a native English speaker review the manuscript before submission. Poor language is a reason for manuscript rejection!

Hidden data

Be sure that you remove the hidden data from your document such as track changes, comments etc. In MS Word, select the ‘Accept all changes in document’ and save the text before submission.

Research ethics

The Journal of Vietnamese Environment (JVE) follows the Core Practices issued by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), 2018. According to these guidelines, JVE adopted the following Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement: Make sure to read these guidelines before writing the manuscript, especially Section ‘3. Responsibilities of Authors’. By submitting your paper, you confirm that you agree with these conditions.