Peer-review system

Journal of Vietnamese Environment uses a blind peer-review system that assists the Editors to accept or reject a manuscript for publication. All 'Research articles', 'Policy papers' and 'Review papers' undergo the blind peer-review process by at least two experts in the field selected by the Editor. The other article types such as 'Short communication' and 'Event report' are not peer-reviewed but undergo an editorial review by members of the Editorial Board.

The main objectives of the Reviewers are to contribute to the editorial decisions and help the authors improve their paper. With their voluntary commitment, the Reviewers bring thus a major contribution to promoting the environmental research in Vietnam. For their work, Reviewers receive guidance from the Editorial Board in form of Review Guidelines, which include detailed suggestions for the completion of their evaluation. Additionally, the Reviewers are also recommended to read the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.